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Cherwell Housing Register

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Prioritising Applications

We use three sets of criteria to prioritise applications. These are:

  • your band
  • your local connection
  • your registration date (effective date if in Bands 1 or 2).  Your effective date is the date on which your application is assessed for Band 1 or 2.  This will be the same as your registration date if your application goes straight into Bands 1 or 2.

Your band

All application forms received are assessed for housing need and applicants placed in one of three bands. These bands are in order of priority:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3.

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Types of applicant

We also categorise all applicants as follows:

  • general register - an applicant who lives in the private sector or with family/friends
  • transfer - an applicant who is a council or Registered Provider (housing association) tenant
  • homeless - an applicant who has been accepted as statutorily homeless.

We may sometimes give preference to transfer or homeless applicants to meet annual lettings targets.

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What factors do you take into account for banding?

We take into account such matters as:

  • harassment
  • health
  • disability
  • domestic abuse
  • tied accommodation
  • lack of facilities
  • overcrowding
  • homelessness
  • no fixed abode
  • under occupation

The full banding list can be found in our Allocation Scheme.


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What is a local connection?

You must have a valid local connection with Cherwell in order to be accepted onto our Housing Register. You have a local connection if you have:

  • lived in the district for a period of at least 6 out of the last 12 months continuously prior to acceptance onto the Housing Register or
  • previously lived in the district for 3 out of the past 5 years or
  • permanent employment within the district or
  • immediate family members, who have lived in the district for at least 5 years, where there has been frequent contact, commitment and dependency immediately prior to the date of application or
  • a special reason for needing to live in the area.

NB. Close relatives are defined as parents, children, siblings, grandparents or grandchildren, including step relatives.

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Your registration date

Your registration date is the date your application form was received by us. Each form received is date stamped.

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