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Cherwell Housing Register

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Step 3 - Offer

What happens next?

At the end of the advertising period no more applications for properties are accepted. Every applicant who has applied for a property is placed on a list. This is called a shortlist. The rules for shortlisting are:

  • those in the top band will be looked at first
  • then those in the top band with a local connection will be considered before those without a local connection
  • if there is more than one applicant in the top  band with a local connection then the applicant who has been waiting the longest will be top of the list.

You can find more information in prioritising applications.

If you are the successful applicant we will carry out checks to ensure your circumstances have not changed. If selected we send your details to the landlord of the property. The landlord of the property is always responsible for making offers. They may also carry out checks before offering you the property.

If you are offered a property you will not be short listed for other properties until you have decided to either accept or refuse the offer. If you decide to refuse the property it will be offered to the next person on the priority list.

You cannot apply for other CBL properties if you have been made a provisional offer of a property.

Do you always select the applicant who is top of the shortlist?

Mostly we do but occasionally we don't. Sometimes we will overlook you because:

  • we have selected a larger family to make better use of the the size of the property
  • the property is adapted for the disabled and you are not disabled
  • the property is in a sheltered scheme for the elderly and you are not in need of sheltered accommodation
  • the property is part of a special agreement which only allows applicants with village connections to be considered
  • the property is part of an agreement with one of our partner housing associations where special rules apply called a lettings plan.

Sometimes we may give preference to applicants such as those waiting for a transfer or those who are homeless. This helps us to make sure we meet our annual targets of properties let. Our targets are:

  • Transfers: 30%
  • General needs: 35%
  • Homeless: 35%

What happens if I refuse an offer?

That depends. If you are in the Band 1, applied for a property which you then refuse, your application may be re-assessed and you may finish up in a lower band. This will give you less chance of making a successful choice in the future.

If you are not in Band 1, you can apply for properties until you are successful and want to accept the offer of accommodation. We may review your application if you continually refuse offers of accommodation.

Remember that if you are top of a shortlist once it does not guarantee you will be top of other shortlists in the future.


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