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Cherwell Housing Register

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Welcome to Cherwell's Choice Based Lettings scheme


Cherwell introduced the current Allocation Scheme on 7 September 2015.  To view the Allocation Scheme click here.  To see other useful documents and links click here


Our bidding cycles are WEEKLY

Bidding on this cycle starts on Wednesday 28 September 2016

Bidding finishes on this cycle on Monday 03 October 2016

 Future bidding cycle start dates are:

  • Wednesday 05 October 2016
  • Wednesday 12 October 2016
  • Wednesday 19 October 2016

Click here to view properties.  Please note we can only advertise properties that our Registered Providers have advised us are available.


We successfully run a Choice Based Lettings system. We have been working hard to improve our service to you. So we have:

  • changed our bidding cycles from fortnightly to weekly
  • agreed a revised banding scheme for all housing register applicants
  • agreed new rules for calculating under-occupation and overcrowding when assessing your application for housing.

If you want full details of the scheme click here.

Applying for Properties

The Allocation of Accommodation: guidance for local housing authorities in England (June 2012) states that a bedroom shall be allocated to the following family members:

Adult couple

Any other single adult aged 21 or more

Pair of adolescents aged 10-20 of the same sex

Pair of children aged under 10 regardless of sex

Please note that two children/adolescents of the same sex will be expected to share until the elder one reaches the age of 21 

Household size

Number of bedrooms allowed

Single person under 35

Studio or 1 bedroom flat (if meet eligibility criteria )

Single person over 35

Studio or 1 bedroom flat

Adult Couple

1 bedroom

2 applicants not couple

2 bedrooms

Household with 1 child

2 bedrooms

Household with 2 children

Refer to table above

Household with 3 children

Refer to table above

Household with 4 children

Refer to table above

Household with 5 children

Refer to table above



 NW Bicester Local Lettings Plan 

Introduction to NW Bicester
North West Bicester is the UK’s first eco-town. It is a Masterplan to bring more homes and jobs to Bicester. The first phase is known as the Exemplar. The NW Bicester exemplar scheme is located on the outskirts of Bicester (see Figure 1: Site Plan).

 At North West Bicester, we’re creating a new kind of development, one that’s designed to be good for the environment, the economy, and most important of all – is a great place to live.

 We’re doing that by creating vibrant and sustainable neighbourhoods where: 

  • Families can afford to live
  • Jobs are created for local people
  • Children can play outdoors safely
  • Wildlife can thrive

 Purpose of the Local Lettings Plan

The purpose of the Local Lettings Plan is to outline the expectations of A2Dominon and Cherwell District Council in determining the suitability of applicants for the North West Bicester exemplar to ensure the creation of a sustainable community. 

This Local Lettings Plan applies to any Affordable Rent, General Needs and Shared-Ownership properties.[1]

This Local Lettings Plan is not intended to replace any part of Cherwell District Councils Allocation Policy ( ) or the nomination agreement.

Scheme Mix
We want to create a vibrant, mixed community in the Exemplar that reflects Bicester as a whole. That’s why 30 per cent of the Exemplar homes will be affordable housing; with 96 homes for affordable rent and 23 for shared ownership.


Following the bidding process on a rented property through Choice Based Lettings, applicants on the housing register who have a local connection with Bicester or with the wards of Caversfield, Bucknell, Chesterton, Ambrosden and Launton will be prioritised for a nomination. The Nomination will be made within 10 workings days of the CBL cycle ending to A2 Dominion, which will provide sufficient time for the local connection to be verified by the Council.

Local connection is defined within Cherwell’s District Council Allocations Policy as meeting one of the following criteria: 

  • Have lived in Bicester, Caversfield, Bucknell, Chesterton, Ambrosden or Launton for a period of at least 6 out of the last 12 months continuously prior to acceptance onto the Housing Register
  • Previously lived in Bicester, Caversfield, Bucknell, Chesterton, Ambrosden or Launton for 3 out of the past 5 years
  • Be employed in Bicester, Caversfield, Bucknell, Chesterton, Ambrosden or Launton
  • Have close relatives who have lived in Bicester, Caversfield, Bucknell, Chesterton, Ambrosden or Launton for at least the last 5 years.
  • Have a special reason for needing to live in Bicester, Caversfield, Bucknell, Chesterton, Ambrosden or Launton.


If there is no one who bids for a property with the above local connection, the property will be allocated to anyone who qualifies to be on the Housing Register, who is eligible for the property and who has bid on the property subject to the criteria below.


In addition to the local connection priority the following criteria will be applied to all allocations: 

  • 70% of all nominees will be employed, in training or education, or carrying out voluntary work
  • To take full advantage of the lifetime homes standards, priority for single level ground floor accommodation will be to those with a mobility need





[1] Close relatives are defined as parents, children, siblings, grandparents or grandchildren including step relatives and where there is evidence of frequent contact, commitment or dependency.


  • Those moving into affordable rented units will be offered a tenancy in line with A2Dominion’s tenure policy and Cherwell District Council's tenancy strategy.
  • Nominees with an identified history of drug and/or alcohol dependency will only be considered if they are able to sustain a tenancy and the accommodation is considered suitable for their housing needs. A2 Dominion will work positively with any applicant that may be identified as requiring a support package.
  • Nominees with an identified support need will only be considered if they have an ongoing support package in place and the accommodation is suitable for their housing needs. However A2 Dominion and the Council will work positively with any nominated applicant that does not currently have a support package in place but may be deemed to require one.
  • All nominees not moving from existing social housing accommodation will be offered a 12 month starter tenancy
  • Nominees who have previously been evicted by A2Dominion Group for anti-social behaviour or rent arrears will generally not be offered a property on the NW Bicester Exemplar Scheme. However, all cases will be carefully investigated and considered based on their past and current circumstances
  • Should none of the applicants meet the above criteria then any applicant who is eligible and has bid will be considered for nomination to a property according to their housing need.
  • All nominees will participate in pre-tenancy checks, this will include assessing their financial circumstances to ensure that they are able to afford the accommodation being offered


Residents Green Charter 

In addition to the above Nomination Criteria applicants will need to sign up to the NW Bicester Residents Green Charter. This will cover:

  • Getting to know your neighbours
  • Getting the best out of the technologies in your home
  • Engaging with your Community Management Company
  • Helping us to monitor and capture success of the NW Bicester project
  • Using water and energy responsibly
  • Recycle, re-use and reduce waste
  • Consider alternative ways to travel
  • Protect and enhance your environment


  • Participation in community activities
  • Thinking about your food miles
  • Learning how to grow your own food
  • Use of your Shimmy
  • Being part of Bicester
  • Embracing the diversity of your community 

 LOCAL LETTINGS PLAN FOR Spring Farm Ambrosden


The Council may nominate 50% of the initial lettings of dwellings to a person or persons who have a local connection to Ambrosden as determined by the criteria below;

have lived in the village for the last 5 years


•           be employed in the village for a minimum of fifteen hours per week and the employment is not of a short-term nature

•           have 10 years previous residence in the village if not currently residing there

•           be over 55 or with a disability requiring support on health grounds from close relatives currently living in the village

•           have close relatives living in the village for a period of at least the last five years.

(Close relatives are defined as parents, children, siblings, grandparents or grandchildren including step relatives, where there is evidence of frequent contact, commitment or dependency).





 The site will be advertised to on the choice based lettings system for applicants who wish to take advantage of support to access employment and training.  Applicants will be assessed by an assessment panel against the following criteria


  • Applicant qualifies under the Allocation Scheme rules at the time of application
  • Applicant has passed a full financial affordability check
  • Applicant is committed to take on the employment and training support on offer at Town Centre House to support further Career development.
  • Applicant does not need any tenancy related support beyond support into employment, training and education. If further support is required this must be in place prior to the allocation being made.


Applicants who meet the criteria will be assessed as to the level of employment support required to ensure a balance across the scheme.


  • Minimum of 15% (6 flats) offers made to applicants with high support needs. This is defined as a need for a need for in depth one to one support with an applicant to prepare them for work or training
  • Maximum of 40% (15 flats) lettings to go to applicants with medium support needs including updating CVs, preparation for interviews etc.
  • Maximum of 45%  (18 flats) lettings to go to applicants with low support needs who may be in work and wish to improve their prospects, and move on from their current role


The assessment panel will comprise of at least one member of the Housing Needs team, at least one member of the Build! Housing Management team and a representative of the employment service


Local Lettings Plan for Flats at St Johns House, St Johns Road, Banbury OX16 5HX


  1. Nominees shall be aged 18 upwards.
  2. Only single nominees will be considered
  3. Any potential nominee must be assessed prior to selection as being able to successfully sustain a tenancy and conduct it in a good tenant like manner. This can be with the provision of tenancy related support where required and if available.
  4. Nominees will need to pass an affordability assessment to show that they can afford the rent charged




 Cheshire court offers housing with housing management support (housing officer visits weekly/every other week to help with any housing related issues) for individuals with a physical disability, acquired brain injury or sensory impairment. There are 12 self contained flats Suitable for single people or childless couples aged 18-60, although other ages may be considered.

Tenants would hold their own assured short hold tenancy, there is no fixed maximum length of stay so we would not ask a tenant to leave providing that they were maintaining the terms of their tenancy agreement. If the customer needs a care package this would need to be arranged them selves via social and community services.

The property that we have available is a 1 bedroom 2nd floor flat with walk in shower, safe and secure building due to door entry system, white goods and carpets provided, there is both stairs and a lift to the second floor (lift wouldn’t be able to be used in the event of a fire but the fire alarm system is linked directly to the fire station).


Extra Care Developments at Orchard Meadows, Banbury and Centurion House, Bicester,and Moorside Place Kidlington are provided by Order of St John Care Trust
Extra Care Developments at Stanbridge House, Banbury and Erdington House, Yarnton, provided by Housing 21

For people aged 55 and over there are apartments to rent or to purchase through shared ownership at these developments.  Extra Care housing offers a new way of supporting you to live independently and maintain a quality of life for as long as possible.

You have the privacy of your own home with your own tailored support package to suit your individual needs.  For added reassurance, emergency care is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  There is a range of facilities for you to enjoy and share with friends and relatives in a secure environment.

With shared ownership, you can purchase 25%, 50% or 75% of your new home and pay for the care and support you require.  Purchase prices range from £138,750 (based on a 75% share with no rent to pay on the unsold equity).  For further information on apartments to buy through shared ownership contact the sales and support advisor on 0345 608 4021 or email for Stanbridge House and Erdington House and 01295 230124 for Orchard Meadows or 01869 843104 for Centurion House.

For further information on apartments to rent call the Housing & Care Manager on 0345 606 6363 or email for Stanbridge House and Erdington House and call the Housing & Care Manager on 01295 230124 for Orchard Meadows, 01869 843104 for Centurion House or 0800 988 8133 for  Moorside Place Kidlington



Enhanced Housing Options

This is an online form that you can complete to find the options for housing that are open to you. It is easy to do and will present you with a document summarising your housing options, that you can save or print.

To complete the form click here (opens in a new window)


Useful documents

  1. The Allocation Scheme - sets out our policy for choice based lettings (opens in a new window)
  2. It's your choice - summarises how choice based lettings works (opens in a new window)
  3. Applying for a home in Cherwell - tells you what you need to know about getting onto the housing register (opens in a new window)
  4. Housing register application form - so you can apply to come onto our housing register (opens in a new window)


Useful links

  1. search for available homes
  2. apply for a property
  3. view previously advertised properties

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