HomeChoice allows you to choose which social housing properties you want to be considered for in Cherwell. You can search for available social housing using the search tab. Our weekly letting cycles run from Wednesday to Monday. No properties will be advertised on a Tuesday. Once you have an active application you will be able to state your interest in properties you are eligible for by placing a bid.

We will apply a Band to your application depending on the level of urgency of your housing situation in accordance with our Housing Allocation Scheme. Band 1 is the most urgent and Band 4 is the least urgent. Eligible applicants in the highest Band with the longest waiting time will be considered for each property at the end of each letting cycle.

The demand for social housing in Cherwell far outstrips the supply available, particularly for larger family homes. This means that applicants with less urgent needs may never secure social housing through HomeChoice or may have to wait many years to do so. Waiting times are particularly long for those in need of 4-bedroom homes.