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Christmas Letting Cycle

Published: Tuesday 29 November 2022

The letting cycle beginning on Wednesday 21st December will run for 2 weeks instead of the normal one-week cycle and will therefore end on Monday 2nd January 2023. Letting cycles will return to one-week cycles as normal after this date.

Extra bedrooms for medical needs

Published: Monday 22 August 2022

In order to ensure that any allocation of an additional bedroom for a child with disabilities or behavioural issues matches the criteria set by housing benefits we have reviewed the evidence and supporting information we need to approve extra bedrooms.   Those with children in need of a separate bedroom must be in receipt of Disability Living Allowance and there must be specific evidence, from the medical professionals involved with the child’s care, that they are unable to share a bedroom. Those with a need for an extra room for an overnight carer must have a support plan formulated by social care that evidences overnight care is required.  If you have been awarded an additional bedroom, but have not provided the necessary information you should contact the Housing Team to discuss your case.

All applications will be reviewed annually or prior to any offer of housing, to ensure that all aspects of the application, including bedroom need, priority banding and effective dates are recorded correctly.  

Please be aware that the demand for social housing outstrips supply in Cherwell and waiting times for a nomination are increasing for all types of accommodation.  There is a particularly high demand for larger 3 and 4 bed homes, compared to the number available to let, this is having a significant impact on waiting times.

Reporting Fraud

Published: Tuesday 3 May 2022

We carry out desk based verification checks as well as unannounced home visits in order to prevent and deter fraudulent housing register applications. If you have any concerns about a potentially fraudulent housing register application, such as an applicant who has provided false or misleading information, please report this to or anonymously using the ‘contact us’ form on the Cherwell District Council website. Please include as much information and detail as possible for us to investigate and consider leaving your contact details as we may need to make further enquiries with you.

It is an offence under the Housing Act 1996 to give false or misleading information or to withhold information in relation to a housing register application. Applicants providing fraudulent information will also be disqualified from the housing register for a period of 5 years. Any offer of housing obtained fraudulently will be withdrawn or legal action will be taken to end any tenancy that has been obtained as a result of providing false or misleading information.

Bungalow available in Marsh Gibbon

Published: Wednesday 27 April 2022

An opportunity to occupy a 1 bed bungalow in the village of Marsh Gibbon is currently advertised on HomeChoice. This is an Almshouse charity bungalow with a maintenance charge of £152per month. Please see the property advert on HomeChoice for further details and information on how to view the property or apply

No properties available this week 20th April 2022

Published: Tuesday 19 April 2022

Unfortunately there are no social housing properties available for us to advertise on this week's HomeChoice letting cycle which runs from Wednesday 20th April through to Tuesday 26th April 2022.